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Cannes Film Festival

Jacques Audiard finds romance pulsing in steely 'Dheepan'

Jacques Audiard finds romance pulsing in steely 'Dheepan'

It's been three years since I talked to French director Jacques Audiard at the Festival de Cannes for his "Rust and Bone," six since I interviewed him about his exceptional, Grand Prize-winning "Un Prophète." When I complimented him on how much his English had improved over time, his reaction was characteristically brisk. "Yet every year, your French does not improve," he said in crisp English, smiling but sharp and to the point. "Why do you keep coming back to France?" Point taken. Congenitally unable to say or do things in an expected, conventional way, Audiard is back in the Cannes competition with "Dheepan," a feature he...