NBC News gets it wrong again with image of social unrest in Baltimore

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Like/Dislike with Ruby Rockafella, burlesque performer

Like/Dislike with Ruby Rockafella, burlesque performer

The closet of an empowered female stretches further than a gray pantsuit. For Hamilton resident Ruby Rockafella, female empowerment includes fake eyelashes, wigs, drag makeup and even waist cinchers.

Rockafella, 31, is a burlesque performer and one of the founding members of Baltimore's newest burlesque troupe, Bawdy Shop Burlesque.

Contrary to social construction, burlesque is a raw art form that allows women to explore and celebrate themselves, explained Rockafella.

"As girls, we grow up being told what length of skirt is appropriate, when it's OK to speak up, that we have to be 'proper,'" she said. "In burlesque, I finally get to own who I am and who...