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Daniel Day-Lewis

'The Overnight' review: Wedded bliss put to the test

'The Overnight' review: Wedded bliss put to the test

Alex has an inferiority complex. His appendage is on the smaller end of the spectrum, and at a key, comically awkward moment in "The Overnight," this newcomer to LA played by Adam Scott sizes up what his new friend Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) has to offer. In a couple of key, highly amusing shots the actors flourish prosthetic genitalia. The effect is comic yet plausible; Scott and Schwartzman seem weirdly liberated by their fake equipment. Sporting a goatee that went out with last year's Mumford & Sons album, Alex is a Seattle transplant, two weeks new to the east side of LA. His wife Emily, played by Taylor Schilling, has taken a new job there, and Alex is primary...