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Review: 'Wolf of Wall Street' ★★

Review: 'Wolf of Wall Street' ★★

In the waning years of the last century at Stratton Oakmont, the Wall Street brokerage house run like a coked-up 24-hour bacchanal by Jordan Belfort, the customer wasn't king. The customer was merely a means to an end. Belfort and his minions ruled, and they couldn't spend, snort or swallow the riches reaped fast enough.

Belfort's various illegalities and near-death experiences were lovingly self-chronicled in his memoirs. Now director Martin Scorsese has made a three-hour picture about the man and his pleasure missions. Leonardo DiCaprio reteams with Scorsese for a fifth time, and late in "The Wolf of Wall Street" there's a sequence when Belfort and his friend and...