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Amy Adams

OK Go + the Muppets: A winning combo?

OK Go + the Muppets: A winning combo?

I'm probably a little over-eager for the new "Muppets" film. Jason Segel + Amy Adams + new Muppet-tastic adventures = the film I will be seeing when it comes out Nov. 23. Sorry, Thanksgiving. It's all about the Muppets this year. But I'm a bit less enthusiastic about the new OK Go video for their cover of the classic "Muppet Show" theme song. To be fair, I'm not the biggest OK Go fan, but I've always respected their inventive videos. And I love the fact that the song is part of this hipster Muppets album, "The Green Album," that came out this week.  But their take on the song gave me a headache. Ditto the video, which is heavy...