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Mitch Pileggi

The Shoe Repair Shop Guy

If Webster's Dictionary listed an antonym for "soulless suburban mall shoe repair," you'd find that listing under B. Located since 1989 on the third floor of the swell Coolidge-era Pittsfield building at 55 E. Washington Street (with an entrance on Wabash Avenue), Brooks Shoe Service takes you back: The whirring and banging and, I swear, cobbling going on in the back room is something to hear. So is the patter of owner Mike Morelli, grandson of Oreste, a Sicilian-born shoe man, son of Anthony Morelli, whose Esquire Shoe Repair stood for years at 21 E. Adams St., next to the old Miller's Pub location. In voice and demeanor Mike is like an elongated Mitch Pileggi,...