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Milla Jovovich
New 'Three Musketeers': Making a mess of Dumas
New 'Three Musketeers': Making a mess of Dumas

The 19th-century French novelist Alexandre Dumas might be puzzled if he could somehow see the latest movie adaptation of "The Three Musketeers," but any living soul who has seen the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise will recognize that this is an overly familiar 3-D swashbuckler that's as predictable as the swords that periodically threaten to poke your eyes. Alas, Johnny Depp is not one of the musketeers, because the actors they do have don't go far enough to fill the comic vacuum. The new script for "The Three Musketeers" also lacks the substance and wit to anchor another sequel. It just barely gets by on noisy spectacle amidst 17th-century...