Mike Rowe

Like/Dislike: Danielle Weissman, hooper

Like/Dislike: Danielle Weissman, hooper

Danielle Weissman has always been athletic. She has played a lot of sports and danced a lot of dance — modern, jazz, ballet. But with hooping she has found her calling.

"It was the first thing that clicked with me," she said.

Yes, hooping. It, of course, goes beyond the hooping you did when you were 7 and then promptly left your hoop in the garage to be run over by the family car. Weissman, a 22-year-old lifelong Baltimorean who lives in Hampden was introduced to the frenetic, captivating and still somewhat underground world of hoop dancing in late 2008 and has since performed at area bars, clubs, parks and museums, and has taught a hooping class.