Footage from police shooting shows threat to kids, decision to use lethal force

Michael O'Neill

Review: 'Dallas Buyers Club' led well by McConaughey, Leto

Review: 'Dallas Buyers Club' led well by McConaughey, Leto

Few actors can play a grifter and a good ol' boy with the laid-back precision of Matthew McConaughey. Between the sidewinder glances, the sardonic grin and that slippery Texas drawl, he uses irony, edge and considerable charm to move us into taking his most questionable characters seriously, while we forgive their indiscretions.

McConaughey needs all of those substantial powers of persuasion for the gutsy, gritty "Dallas Buyers Club." He portrays a hard-bitten, hard-drinking, homophobic Texas redneck named Ron Woodroof, who becomes an unlikely warrior on the front lines of AIDS. Jared Leto as Rayon, a willowy transsexual who favors hot-pink lipstick, plunging necklines and...