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Meredith Vieira
New book: I was JFK's teen mistress
New book: I was JFK's teen mistress

It's hard to shock people with stories of JFK's womanizing, but a new tell-all book by Mimi Alford may just do that. Alford says she was just 19 when she started a White House internship and began a sexual affair with president John F. Kennedy. She details the allegations in "Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy." She told NBC's Meredith Vieira that after her freshman year at Wheaton College she lost her virginity to the president in the first lady’s bedroom. Asked if she felt overpowered by Kennedy, she said, “I think overpowered in the sense that he was the president.  He was this unbelievably handsome man, 45 years old,...