Howard board, superintendent in legal battle as they run county school system

Martha MacIsaac

'1600 Penn' inherits 'Modern Family' comedic DNA

'1600 Penn' inherits 'Modern Family' comedic DNA

NBC is promoting "1600 Penn," a midseason sitcom from Baltimore native Jason Winer, as " 'Modern Family' meets 'The West Wing.' "

Forget "The West Wing" part.

After seeing three episodes, including the pilot that premieres with a sneak preview at 9:30 p.m. Monday, after "The Voice," I can tell you that this series is going to sink or swim as a family sitcom. And how much viewers like or don't like it as a family series is mainly going to depend on their reaction to Josh Gad, the Broadway star of "The Book of Mormon" who plays the screw-up son of the president of the United States (Bill Pullman).

The good news for a...