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A McRib McQuiz

A McRib McQuiz

The McRib, which debuted in 1981, returned on Tuesday. How much do you know about the McRib?

1) The McRib has done more farewell tours than a) Phish b) the Doobie Brothers  c) Marlene Dietrich d) all of the above e) cannot be determined

2) The McRib, in terms of the success of its comeback, is like a) Brett Favre b) Michael Jordan  c) Shahid Afridi

3) The McRib looks like it has bones, but it doesn't. That is a) weird b) amazing c) disturbing d) Hello!! Nobel Committee!!!  e) all of the above

4) This year's campaign for the return of the McRib says the sandwich is the a) Ambassador of Awesome b) Coolio McFoolio or c) Treif City

5) The 1994...