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Mandy Moore
'Entourage' recap: 'The End' or when everything suddenly mattered
'Entourage' recap: 'The End' or when everything suddenly mattered

For the final episode of "Entourage," creator and writer Doug Ellin went all-in, for better or worse. It was a finale that felt like a Finale, with huge plot points being tied together as if the Mayans were right all along about 2012. Some storylines were more believable than others, but one thing was for sure — the "Entourage" boys wanted to go for broke, raising the stakes tenfold in both cheap and effective ways. The endgame for Vince, who always balanced an enigmatic reputation with a personality that often felt like a blank canvas, was Sophia, a journalist who Vince fell in love with at first sight. We're supposed to believe their first date (meeting...