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Swash is comically buckled in Toby's 'Pirates of Penzance' [Review]

Swash is comically buckled in Toby's 'Pirates of Penzance' [Review]

Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" was originally staged in 1879, but its melodious score and satirical spirit make it seem fresh today. That's why this Victorian-era British operetta works so well at Toby's Dinner Theatre of Columbia, where contemporary Broadway musicals are the norm.

It helps that this streamlined version of "The Pirates of Penzance," which was first staged by New York producer Joseph Papp in 1980, does a fine job of making a piece of 19th-century musical theater flow like a modern musical.

The lively Toby's production benefits from some first-rate singing, and also from an awareness that really extroverted comic acting is...