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Lew Temple

'The Walking Dead' recap, episode 310: 'Home'

'The Walking Dead' recap, episode 310: 'Home'

Holy Hannah! What the heck was all that you guys? Axel is dead (Good night, sweet prince), the Governor strapped it up and gleefully squeezed off rounds on the prison stronghold, Glenn is having major leadership and relationship issues, and Daryl and Merle cut their Oregon Trail LARPing adventure short to return to cell block C. Also, Merle peed on a tree and he and Daryl spit everywhere. Were they suggesting that Merle and Daryl had huge, fat lippers in, or are they just saying that backwoods people love to spit all the time? I think that a good mobile game would be a Merle Trapping Small Woodland Creatures game. Do I have to comment on the whole Lori spectre thing again? This...