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Entertainment at the Grange Hall wows the public in 1890 [History Matters]

April 1965

Splendor in Howard County

"The Spring Flower Show Many Splendored Thing:

" 'A Many Splendored Thing' has been chosen the theme of the 1965 Howard County Spring flower show. Presented by the eight garden clubs of the county, the show will take place Friday April 23, at St. John's Parish House, St. John's Lane and Route 144. The public is invited from 2 until 9 P.M.

"Artistic categories include such imaginative classes as 'It's Magic,' 'Days of Wine and Roses,' 'Hearts are Trumps' and 'Fascination.'

"A large majority of the Horticultural classes are devoted to the many species of narcissi. flowering shrubs,...