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Lara Logan
Benghazi apology is big, bad news for '60 Minutes'
Benghazi apology is big, bad news for '60 Minutes'

  The apology by CBS News for a Benghazi report it aired Oct. 27 on "60 Minutes" is big, bad news for the network. Lara Logan, who was the correspondent on the report, went on the network's morning show and made the apology in the video that runs with this post. Logan told viewers of "CBS This Morning" Friday that "60 Minutes" was wrong in believing the account of a source who said he was an eye witness to some of what took place during an attack in 2012 on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi. This is not as bad as Dan Rather's unconfirmed report about the the military service of George W. Bush that came to be known as Memogate. But...