Daycare worker charged with murder in death of 8-month-old girl

Kristin Bauer

'True Blood' series finale recap, 'Thank You'

'True Blood' series finale recap, 'Thank You'

Tonight is the night that we say goodbye to the people and supes of Bon Temps, La., forever.

We open up with Sookie and Bill – the end of this show is mirroring the beginning. He’s come over to talk about his decision to die. He’s waxing all nostalgic. Her living room is the first place where he “called” on her, meeting Jason and their grandmother. She’s confused because “nostalgia and suicide don’t mix.”

Basically, Bill is realizing the same thing that Angel realized with Buffy: Vampires and humans can’t have long-term relationships. Not if the human plans to stay human. There’s the whole thing with vampires’ natures being inherently evil, plus the living forever bit....