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Kiernan Shipka
'Mad Men' recap, 'The Flood'
'Mad Men' recap, 'The Flood'

At last, more insight into Don Draper's psyche. Now that old Don is back, most of season six's sins have been cyclical, from revisiting adultery and prostitution to a hefty resurgence in Don’s liquor bill. The reboot of old Don has sometimes made this season repetitive and dry. But it’s to serve a point: Don’s stuck in a vicious cycle of debauchery as a means to self-medicate. But can he change? This episode, on the other hand, was shocking -- filled with feelings of panic and anguish, rather than dread lingering from season five. The jarring game-changer? Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Don and Megan are on their way to an advertising awards...