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Katie Holmes
'Survivor South Pacific,' Episode 7: 'Trojan Horse'
'Survivor South Pacific,' Episode 7: 'Trojan Horse'

Someone actually does do something on Survivor that’s never been done before. We jump right into the Redemption Island duel with Christine and Mikayla. I’m rooting for Mikayla. But no, Christine wins again. So do you think Upolu is maybe realizing that it was a mistake to vote someone out so early who turned out to be such a good competitor? Of course, her attitude still kind of sucks. Oohh, Ozzy is thinking waayy out of the box, in assuming that since the merge is happening soon, it might be worth it to purposefully send someone to Redemption Island just for the purpose of defeating Christine. Which could work, in theory, if the merge actually happens when everyone thinks it...