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KaDee Strickland
TV reviews: 'Secrets & Lies' and 'Battle Creek' lead a spring thaw of new shows

Everyone knows crime rates go up with the temperature, so it's no wonder networks are anticipating the spring thaw with a fistful of new procedurals. ABC and CBS go head to head Sunday, with two movie-star-powered if very different offerings. "Secrets & Lies" from ABC is an eminently serious, disturbing, and always absorbing mystery about a child murder in the heart of suburbia. CBS goes for laughs with "Battle Creek," a wonderfully off-kilter, mildly surreal satire featuring Josh Duhamel, Dean Winters, and Janet McTeer. Adapted from the Australian drama, "Secrets & Lies" pits Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis in an intense if sometimes overboiled battle...