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Joshua Malina

What they're saying about 'Diner: the Musical'

What they're saying about 'Diner: the Musical'

As word began spreading Tuesday that the beloved movie "Diner" was being rejiggered as a Broadway show — with Sheryl Crow music, no less — the mood of the people could best be summed up with a universal head scratch.

Even in a world littered with remakes, sequels and prequels, no one saw this one coming.

As the chatter got going Tuesday afternoon, on blogs and in the social media circus, the first reaction was one of clear puzzlement.

The Moviefone blog filed the breaking news tidbit under "Today in Huh?" Why? "Because the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Barry Levinson's coming-of-age period piece 'Diner' is Sheryl...