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Jon Bernthal
'Walking Dead' mid-season finale recap, 'Made to Suffer'
'Walking Dead' mid-season finale recap, 'Made to Suffer'

Well THAT wasn't how the Dixon brothers reunion was supposed to go down! For a second, right after the Governor accused Merle of being a traitor in Sunday night's episode, I was very scared that ol' Merle was going to get killed off right then and there. Thank goodness they just left us with a cliffhanger of the two staring each other down in front of a bloodthirsty crowd of Woodburians. We'll have to wait until Feb. 10 for answers, and by then we'll be eating any Subway footlong sub we want for only $5. #FebruAny I hope that Merle and Daryl go back-to-back, Roman gladiator fighting style, and brawl their way out of there, maiming the Governor in the process....