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John Schneider

Catonsville and Arbutus restaurants team up to aid former Wilkens Station police officer

Jim Andrews doesn't need to go far to see the local competition for the Ships Café restaurant he and his wife, Sharon, opened at 828 Frederick Road in February of 2002. Across the street is Catonsville Gourmet, with Regions and Chef Paolino's not too far away. A short walk down the street is Jennings Café. Duesenberg's is around the corner on the other side of Frederick Road. Dimitri's is a short drive away going west, and G.L. Shack's is a shorter drive going east. On Oct. 2, the seven Catonsville restaurants shared the same table, so to speak, at the Lodge at Nine Mile Circle for a special event to benefit a former member of the Wilkens Police...