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John Cena
Brock Lesnar loses control on RAW
Brock Lesnar loses control on RAW

In the past, Brock Lesnar has disappeared for months without a word. This time though, Lesnar wouldn't leave without leaving a wake of destruction not seen in the WWE since the debut of the Nexus. Lesnar came to RAW with one thing on his mind, getting his WWE title back from Seth Rollins. It looked like he would get his chance during the night, as he was granted a rematch. However, when Rollins came down to the ring, he declared that he was tired from flying to and from New York for the Today Show, and that Lesnar would have to wait. Lesnar tried to grab Rollins and start the match anyway, but Rollins was able to escape and leave through the crowd, taking his title belt with him. ...