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Jeff Jacobs: Lead Story (Teller) On 'SportsCenter' Is Linda Cohn

Jeff Jacobs: Lead Story (Teller) On 'SportsCenter' Is Linda Cohn

Games played career.

It is my favorite stat in sports. While stepping into the batter's box or taking the opening faceoff night after night, year after year, does not ensure greatness, all you need to do is check the all-time lists to understand the quality of quantity.

Look at hockey, Linda Cohn's favorite sport: 1. Gordie Howe; 2. Mark Messier; 3 Ron Francis. How's that for quality? Say what you want about Pete Rose — we've said plenty of negative things — the one thing you'll never say is, "Pete didn't play every inning of a record 3,562 games played like it was his last." Brett Favre played more games than anybody in NFL history. Getting him to retire turned into...