Daycare worker charged with murder in death of 8-month-old girl

Joey King

'Stonewall' review: Stereotypes spoil story of gay activism

'Stonewall' review: Stereotypes spoil story of gay activism

Somehow, director Roland Emmerich has made a movie even less historically accurate than "10,000 BC," the one depicting Egyptian-style pyramids being constructed with the help of woolly mammoths.

But facts are not the problem with "Stonewall." This is not a documentary, and it owes no one any kind of objectivity or documentary truth on its subject, only a vivid and persuasive fictionalized version of events.

The real problem is that its narrative inventions embrace every wrong cliche, from the first word to the last speech of Jon Robin Baitz's screenplay and in the desperate lack of nuance afflicting nearly every performance. Director Emmerich, best known...