Joelle Carter

'Justified' recap: No leaving Harlan any time soon

'Justified' recap: No leaving Harlan any time soon

Well, that didn’t take long.

Just four episodes into "Justified's" swan song, both Raylan and Boyd seem to be wandering from their missions to escape Harlan, as they make moves in “The Trash and the Snake” that would seem to prolong their stay in the dying coal town.

Whether it’s a conscious decision or just part of his inability to choose family over the mission, Raylan ignores the lesson from the parable that gives the episode its name, opting to go head-to-head with the snake (Avery Marcum) rather than simply taking out the trash (Boyd) like he was supposed to. As Art reminds Raylan, there’s always going to be another snake, but the marshal doesn’t seem to know...