Jim Rash

Sundance 'Writers' Room' goes backstage at 'Breaking Bad'

Sundance 'Writers' Room' goes backstage at 'Breaking Bad'

Forget the stars. The people I always wanted to talk to were the writers and producers who created the fictional worlds that became long-running TV series.

One of the great pleasures of this job in my earlier days on the beat was going out to California, breaking away from my colleagues on the press tour and spending a long afternoon in a producer’s bungalow on a studio backlot as he or she told me and my tape recorder how their visions became prime-time series.

Whether it was Steven Bochco talking about “Hill Street Blues” or Larry Gelbart explaining the history of “M*A*S*H,” I always felt as if I was being let in on a great secret as to how entertainment, culture and...