James Morrison

'The Voice' recap, Oh no, they cut ... who?

'The Voice' recap, Oh no, they cut ... who?

Tuesday night on NBC's "The Voice," it was a battle between the singer who can dance and the dancer who can sing,  between twee and bombastic, and the time-saving glory of the montage and my poor memory of "who the hell are these people."


Cee Lo Green took to the field first, pairing of dancer/singer/model/whatever Domo against foul-mouthed, bleeping wonder Cody Belew with Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone." (All Hail the Queens.)

Cee Lo put it best: Cody's a singer who can dance, and Domo's a dancer who can sing, and he wanted to see who had the whole package. The result was a lackluster choreographed...