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James L. Brooks

'Harry...let's talk': James Brooks to Harry Shearer on 'Simpsons' exit

'Harry...let's talk': James Brooks to Harry Shearer on 'Simpsons' exit

Ned Flanders and Mr. Burns might sound a little different soon: Harry Shearer is going to be replaced on "The Simpsons," the show's top producer says. The actor - whose voice has been a fixture on Fox's animated comedy since it premiered in 1989 - tweeted late Wednesday that he is leaving the show. "The Simpsons" was just picked up for seasons 27 and 28. "'Show will go on, Harry will not be part of it, wish him the best,'" Shearer wrote, passing on a message he said came from an attorney for James L. Brooks, one of the show's producers. "This is because I wanted what we've always had: The freedom to do other work,"...