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Jack Smith
Jon Boorstin's 'Mabel and Me' revisits early days of movie-making

"YOU MIGHT say everything that ever happened in pictures, good and bad, happened to Mabel first. She had the first ride, and she paid." That is from the new book "Mabel and Me: A Novel About the Movies" by Jon Boorstin. These two sentences, which appear in the little foreword to this fictionalization of the life of silent screen star Mabel Normand, put me instantly in the mind of Jerry Herman's greatest musical score -- in my humble opinion -- for "Mack and Mabel." This told the tale of Mabel and her mentor/director/lover Mack Sennett. The song, "Look What Happened to Mabel," was hard to get out of my head! JON BOORSTIN'S book, on the...