Jack Elliott

Like/dislike: Sam Massa, Bin 604

Like/dislike: Sam Massa, Bin 604

Finding the perfect wine is an art form, and Sam Massa, the assistant sales manager at Bin 604 in Harbor East, is well-versed.

Going on his third year at Bin 604, Massa, 30, began interacting with wine as a young boy when he would play in his father's grape vineyard. Now, the Washington Hill resident has designed some of the store's binology classes and teaches Wine 101: The Basics of Wine Tasting once a month. Sam put his glass down for a bit and talked to b about his favorite wine, Woody Allen and his love for local music.

Worst pet peeve? Pop music. I like things with soul and depth.

What's on your iPod? Tragically, my iPod broke...