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Jack Bernstein

Parts of girl's body found in 4 sewers

Parts of girl's body found in 4 sewers

April 15, 1939 Four sewer openings within a three-block area of East Baltimore last night yielded paper-wrapped parts of the body of a young woman. The girl was tentatively described as between 16 and 18 years of age. Dr. Charles W. Wood, Eastern district coroner, said the right hand and the left leg, which were found at 6 p.m., were from a girl who had been dead for no more than four hours. Having discounted the possibility that the limbs had been discarded my a medical student, the police began operating on the theory that they had a "torso" murder on their hands. The heart, which was taken from a manhole at Lombard and Wolfe streets, contained cuts. Soon after the first...