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Howard Hughes
Kinetic racers take to the streets of Baltimore
Kinetic racers take to the streets of Baltimore

Saturday is the day Fifi looks forward to every year. Fifi is the American Visionary Art Museum's giant pink poodle-with-wheels, who once a year ventures outside to take part in what is clearly Baltimore's funkiest annual event, the Kinetic Sculpture Race. This year, some 36 land- and seaworthy vehicles, all strictly people-powered, will be taking part in the 15-mile race over land, sea, mud and sand. Like Fifi, some are designed to resemble animals; one of last year's crowd favorites was a hookah-smoking caterpillar. Others look like inventions right out of the Rube Goldberg playbook, contraptions slapped together with more attention paid to ingenuity than practicality. ...