Dan Rodricks: Vanished faces of a West Virginia boom town

Glenne Headly

The paternal Tony Danza in 'Don Jon'

The paternal Tony Danza in 'Don Jon'

Tony Danza and Joseph Gordon-Levitt got to know each other 20 years ago on the set of the Disney baseball fantasy "Angels in the Outfield," in which Danza played an aging pitcher and Gordon-Levitt, then 12, a foster kid.

"I always had a paternal thing about him," said Danza, 62, who came to fame 35 years ago as the hapless boxer/cabbie Tony Banta on the Emmy Award-winning comedy series "Taxi."

"When he was in 'Angels in the Outfield,' you could tell he was a very talented kid," noted the former professional boxer, on the phone from New York. "Every once in a while, I would say to him, 'Let's go do something. And he'd say, 'No, I'm...