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Ginger Rogers
First-rate 'Dolly' in 2nd Star's energetic production
First-rate 'Dolly' in 2nd Star's energetic production

2nd Star theater company is offering audiences a lively rendition of the 1964 Tony-winning Jerry Herman classic, "Hello Dolly!"— one that seems destined to set local benchmarks. In the troupe's artfully nostalgic production at Bowie Playhouse, audiences are invited back to the 1890s, when hardworking clerks dream of sampling a swanky big-city restaurant — where their bosses and exquisitely gowned women are the clientele. Serving as director and producer, 2nd Star president Jane B. Wingard delivers an award-worthy production with a dynamic cast, strong support from musical director Joe Biddle and his pit musicians, and skilled choreography by Vince Musgrave....