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George Kennedy

Swimming results: Stoneleigh prevails over York Manor

Swimming results: Stoneleigh prevails over York Manor

The Stoneleigh Sharks rolled to a 303-164 victory over the York Manor Makos in Free State Swim League action Wednesday night in Stoneleigh.

Sharks coach George Kennedy said that K.C. Paltell and Alex Yarcony showed great leadership for Stoneleigh, capturing the 100-yard freestyle and 50 butterfly for the 15-18 girls and 15-18 boys, respectively.

Below are top-three finishers in each age-group:

15-18 girls

K.C. Paltell (S, 1st, 100-yard freestyle and 50 butterfly), Molly Farrugia (S, 1st 50 backstroke), Cristiana Salvatori (S, 1st 100 individual medley), Bella Salvatori (S, 1st 100 breaststroke, 2nd IM), Anna Sillars (S, 2nd, breast) Marley Swisher (S,...