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Felicity Huffman
Review: 'Rudderless' ★ 1/2
Review: 'Rudderless' ★ 1/2

"Rudderless" is a tragic quasi-musical that never quite finds its way. It drifts through a lot of tunes, some big-name cameos, a big twist that you won't swallow and a central relationship that is cute but trite and not for one moment believable. But William H. Macy's directing debut shows us just how beloved this actor's actor is, with all the folks he was able to talk into dropping in for a scene, a day or a couple of days. The fact that most of these "star turns" suck the wind out of the movie's sails suggests maybe he shouldn't have called in all these favors for one film. Billy Crudup plays Sam, the divorced advertising wizard whose son...