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Ethan Hawke

Director has no sophomore worries Movies: Bryan Singer has taken a conventional approach after the complexity of 'The Usual Suspects.'; Film

Don't think that Bryan Singer, whose film "Apt Pupil" opens in theaters today, is sweating the sophomore slump problem. The director's last film, the 1995 indie hit "The Usual Suspects," was actually his second film. In 1992 he directed "Public Access," a creepy thriller about a stranger who turns a small town upside down. The film took honors at the Sundance Film Festival in 1993 and got the buzz going about Singer.

"Emotionally I'm liberated, because I had a movie like 'Public Access' ... that didn't get a distribution deal, then 'The Usual Suspects,' which had that ubiquitous success. I've had both experiences so I'm more seasoned than I appear,...