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Signature Theatre presents premiere of rocky 'Beaches'

Signature Theatre presents premiere of rocky 'Beaches'

Over the course of 24 years, Signature Theatre has given 42 premieres, 18 of them musicals. This commitment to new work cannot be praised enough, even if it's hard to summon much enthusiasm for the 18th of those musicals, "Beaches." 

This piece is based on the Iris Rainer Dart novel about an unlikely, decades-long friendship between two women from opposite worlds.

That story is best known for inspiring the 1988 movie starring Bette Midler as Cee Cee, a brash singing actress destined for the big time; and Barbara Hershey , her moneyed, tender, overly manicured friend, who learns how to really live just in time to get a fatal disease. Hershey's character was...