Edie McClurg

Movie meals: He's always Abe Froman to me

Movie meals: He's always Abe Froman to me

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" turns 25 this week. For those who don't remember the 1986 John Hughes movie, it's about a day in the life of Grace (Edie McClurg), the loyal and life-affirming secretary to the harried principal of a suburban Chicago high school. There are incidental other chaarcters, including the obnoxious title character, but the focus of the movie is almost entirely on Grace.

I wish.

I don't actually hate this movie but parts of it really get on my nerves, like everything with the Ferrari and especiallly the restaurant scene. Why did Ferris take them there? Chez Quis looks like the least fun restaurant ever, especially on such a beautiful spring...