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'Gotham' midseason premiere recap: Penguin's downfall begins

'Gotham' midseason premiere recap: Penguin's downfall begins

Minor plot holes and repetitive themes aside, “Mad City: Ghosts” was an entertaining start to the second half of "Gotham" Season 3. Jim Gordon is still the reason everyone’s lives are ruined, another villain is brought back from the dead, and Penguin is a volatile, deranged murder. Business as usual.

We already knew the truth about Penguin, but the general public of Gotham doesn't. This seems like it's about to change, thanks to Ed slowly chipping away the facade of Penguin's public persona and any shred of mental stability he did have. Add dogged interviewer Margaret Hearst and her massive audience to the mix, and it’s a recipe for Penguin’s epic downfall.