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Corbin Bleu
'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Valerie Harper eliminated
'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Valerie Harper eliminated

The show opens with its now-regular pro/troupe number. And then the contestants are shown briefly by way of introduction. Of all the changes necessitated by the change to one night a week, the elimination of the grand staircase entrance is an unexpected favorite of mine. OOOooh, Carrie Ann and Bruno are introduced near the end of the routine and do a little shaking and shimmying of their own while moving over to the judges' table. I'm always happy to see the judges dance. But where's Len? Oh, right. He's not here this week, so we have Julianne Hough as guest judge. Her floor-length tight gown keeps her from doing the same moves Carrie Ann and Bruno did. Tom...