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'Sanctuary' star Christopher Heyerdahl ignites 'Hell on Wheels'

'Sanctuary' star Christopher Heyerdahl ignites 'Hell on Wheels'

Christopher Heyerdahl’s name is synonymous with such characters as John Druitt and Bigfoot of “Sanctuary,” Todd the Wraith of “Stargate Atlantis” and the vampire Marcus in the “Twilight” films.

Add to that list The Swede, his menacing character in AMC’s post-Civil War Western, “Hell on Wheels.”

“Isn’t he amazing? What a great character, huh,” Heyerdahl said during a recent interview, giving credit to pretty much everyone on the production but himself.

Yet Heyerdahl turns in the unforgettable, Emmy-worthy performance as The Swede, who is actually a Norwegian survivor of the Confederate prison...