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Cloris Leachman

'Dancing with the Stars' recap, Alfonso toughs it out

'Dancing with the Stars' recap, Alfonso toughs it out

Nobody was happy with their scores last week, including poor Witney Carson, who was stuck with Michael Waltrip's straight 5s.

Alan "Voice of the Balls" Dedicoat introduces us to tonight's guest performer and judge Pitbull. It is agreed upon in my living room that Pitbull's sex appeal might be about 63% due to his sunglasses.

Leah Remini is our guest co-host tonight, due to Erin Andrews' commitments with Fox and the World Series.

The first couple to be announced safe are Tommy & Peta. Peta is shocked and screaming, "What?" Val & Janel are in jeopardy, as are Jonathan & Alison.

Jonathan Bennett & Allison Holker,...