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Everyman Theatre stages Tony Award-winning 'God of Carnage'

Everyman Theatre stages Tony Award-winning 'God of Carnage'

We have all seen adults acting — to borrow a song lyric — more like children than children. But, if you’re lucky, you’ve never met anyone quite like the people who spout, spar and spew in “God of Carnage,” the Tony Award-winning Yasmina Reza play currently getting an effective workout at Everyman Theatre.

Meet the Novaks, Michael and Veronica, well-to-do parents of a boy who has lost some teeth and a whole lot of playground cred after being clobbered by the son of the likewise well-off Raleighs, Alan and Annette.

When the Novaks invite the Raleighs over to discuss the incident, things are understandably a little tense, but oh so well-intentioned. As Veronica suggests,...