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'Boardwalk Empire' recap, 'A Man, A Plan ...'

'Boardwalk Empire' recap, 'A Man, A Plan ...'

"The truth? I'd like it to be a boy." -- Owen Slater

On the degree of difficulty scale, "A Man, A Plan ..." is about a nine out of ten. It wasn't the best "Boardwalk Empire" in the series' history, but it was certainly one of the most jarring.

We lost a genuinely likable soul in Owen Slater, and simultaneously found out Margaret is carrying his child. He wasn't a perfect man, though nobody (especially in this show) is. Owen did his part to fill a void of ambition that left with Jimmy Darmody. Charlie Cox played this part admirably, and his presence will be dearly missed.

The reason Owen is sent back to Nucky in a box is...