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Like/dislike: Alayna Spratley

Like/dislike: Alayna Spratley

Alayna Spratley had never intended to be a part of the fashion industry, but in the fall of 2008 she found herself at Ma Petite Shoe. “I’ve just always had a very specific aesthetic when it comes to style, and perhaps I serendipitously found Ma Petite Shoe,” she said. Now, the 26-year-old is the store manager and buyer for the trendy Hampden boutique. The shop specializes in eccentric shoes and chocolate, offering purple platform heels with peacock feather accents (Best of All by Irregular Choice; $214.99) alongside dark chocolate with crystallized ginger (Chocolove; $3.79). Here, Spratley gives b the scoop on everything from her “vintage bohemian” style to...