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Cassie Scerbo

'Sharknado' keeps TV real

'Sharknado' keeps TV real

Shark-nado! I just watched a film called Shark-nado. And suddenly TV revealed a different side to me. Shark-nado! I sat through two hours of Shark-nado! I remembered why it is, cheesy shark movies exist to please. Shark-nado Say it loud and there's people screaming. Say it soft and it might have some meaning but I'll never stop saying Shark-nado. Sharknado, Sharknado, Shark-naaaaaddddoooo. You just have to love the crazy monster movies that SyFy delivers on a semi-regular basis -- you know what you're getting. "Sharknado," arriving Thursday night, is not the name of some gangified evil-doer or a club where young gals go missing; it is a tornado, several...